Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Iloilo City Philippines

Basic information on Iloilo City Philippines

City Name Iloilo City, Philippines
Date of Sister City Establishment March 5, 2024
Location of Sister City Confirmation City Hall of Ililo City in Philippines
Location The capital of the Iloilo State in the southern part of Panay Island
Area 78.34 km²
Population 520,000 people
Subdivision Areas 180 Barangays
Barangay: A word in Tagalog (Filipino) equivalent to ‘dong’ in Korean
Local Characteristics - A hub for trade, commerce, tourism, and education industries with good public safety within the Philippines
- A city known as the “City of Education” for it is the starting point for the language studies to the Philippines.
- A city famous for its festivals and events
Major Festivals - Dinagyang Festival (Every January): a religious (Catholic) festival known for its large-scale parade and dance performances
- Jaro Festival (Every February): a religious (Catholic) festival
- Paraw Regatta (Every February): The oldest sailing racing event in Asia
Major Exchange Details Discussions are underway for details of exchange activities following the establishment of sister city agreement.


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Details of Sister City Establishment

Year Details
2023 - The Mayor of Iloilo City of the Philippines visited Dobong-gu
- Expression of intent for exchange and discussion of exchange activity details
2024 Establishment of Sister City Relationship