Introduction to Dobong-Gu

The emblem of Dobong-gu symbolizes our hope for limitless development, prosperity, and a bright future, where the beauty of nature and the dynamism of the city exist in harmony.
  • Upper part of the emblem

    Embodies clean water and fresh air. Symbolizes a hopeful Dobong-gu, where nature and the city are perfectly harmonized.

  • Middle of the emblem

    Depicts Seoninbong, Jaunbong, and Manjangbong of Dobong Mountain, one of the most celebrated mountains in Korea. Symbolizes the dynamism and prosperity of Dobong-gu.

  • Lower part of the emblem

    Represents the clean surface of the earth. Symbolizes the eternal prosperity of the city, and the united and firm network among the residents of Dobong-gu.