Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Character Introduction

  • NameEunbongi
  • MeaningGinkgo Tree Motif / Symbolizes the Long History of Dobong-gu

    - The name was formed by combining and abbreviating ‘Ginkgo Tree

    (in Korean)’ and ‘Dobong’, to encapsulate the history of the

    Banghak-dong Ginkgo Tree in Dobong-gu

    - The rosy cheeks infused with orange tones symbolize the

    transformation of leaves, transitioning from fresh green foliage to the beautiful ripening with the seasons.

  • Place of BirthA Leaf of Banghak-dong Ginkgo Tree
  • AgeEstimated to be 1 Years Old
  • Special CharacteristicThe face turns yellow when flustered.

    - Calm and shy but hides a flame of passion deep within the heart

    - Very conscious of other’s gazes and gets flustered easily

    - Direct spotlight is overwhelming but subtly finds pleasure in receiving


  • NameHakbongi
  • MeaningCrane Motif / Symbolizes the Happiness and Fortune for the Residents of Dobong-gu

    - The name was formed by combining and abbreviating ‘Crane

    (in Korean)’ and ‘Dobong’, to represent the origin of the name of

    Banghak-dong in Dobong-gu, where Dobong-gu Office is located.

    - The prominent feature of the red pattern on the crane’s head is

    depicted as a heart to symbolize its affection for Dobong-gu, and the

    yellow pattern in the center represents the charming beak of the crane.

  • Place of BirthJungnang Stream next to Dobong-gu Office
  • AgeEstimated to be 1 Years Old
  • Special CharacteristicThe heart on the head gets bigger when angry.

    - Overly confident in any endeavor with a lively and open personality

    - Empathetic with great reactions, which makes best friend of Eunbongi

    - Receives admiration from people with charming character of quick-

    wittedness and a keen sense of situations.

Character Story

Eunbongi, inspired by the Banghak-dong Ginkgo Tree with 600 years of history,
and Hakbongi, inspired by the name of Banghak-dong, are best friends
who resemble each other so much that people often mistake them for twins.
The relaxed and kind Eunbongi and the lively Hakbongi. Their personalities are completely opposite
but Eunbongi and Hakbongi share the common love for Dobong-gu.
With Eunbongi’s curious nature and Hakbongi’s enthusiasm,
they explore various corners of Dobong-gu while boasting off a remarkable synergy.

Character Turnaround and Color Regulations

Character Application Type

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