Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Dear honorable citizens of Dobong-gu,
This is Oh Eon-seok,
the Mayor of Dobong-gu, Seoul.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all residents for entrusting me with the responsibility of serving you with the hope and desire for the development and change of Dobong-gu and for new leadership.

Dobong-gu will open a path for new future and new era with the vision of "Let's be together! Change, Growth, and Future Dobong"

The Mayor of Dobong-gu, Oh Eon-seok

PROMISE For the future of Dobong-gu

  1. FIRST

    We are going to create a collaborative and cooperative environment in Dobong-gu.
    Our office will focus on further developing Dobong-gu through harmony and communication and on promoting the happiness of the residents to build trust and confidence in our community.


    We are going to bring ‘change to Dobong-gu'. This is a great moment of opportunity to take a leap forward through cooperation with the Korean government and the Seoul metropolitan government.
    Let us develop systematic plans and strategies to accomplish our goal of change as if we redrew Dobong-gu on a blank sheet.

  3. THIRD

    We are going to seek ‘further growth of Dobong-gu'. We’re going to provide groundbreaking support for reconstruction and redevelopment, develop strategies for urban planning and regional development and to complete the transportation system as a gateway city to enhance the value of Dobong.
    We are going to turn Dobong into a new economic epicenter of the northeastern part of Seoul.
    We are also going to revitalize our regional economy by providing support for self-employed and small businesses and implementing productive welfare policies.


    We are going to build ‘a new future for Dobong-gu’. We’re going to take data-based scientific approach in dealing with administrative matters to improve the lives of residents and spare no effort in providing full-scale support and assistance to create jobs and provide housing for youths so that they take one step closer to achieving their dreams.

My beloved residents of Dobong-gu!
We are going to make our ears always open to your voices as a reliable partner
with a commitment to creating happy Dobong-gu for all.
Thank you.