Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Symbols/Character of Dobong-gu

Emblem of Dobong-gu

Emblem of Dobong-gu
  • The oval in the emblem symbolizes the clean water and fresh air of Dobong-gu, and the mountain in the middle of the oval represents Seoninbong, Jaunbong, and Manjangbong of Dobongsan, one of the most celebrated mountains in Korea.
    The lower part of the emblem depicts the clean surface of the earth, symbolizing the commitment of Dobong-gu for mutually prosperous coexistence of nature and humans.

Gu Flower/Russian Iris

Gu Flower/Russian Iris Gu Flower/ Characters
  • Since the opening of Seoul Iris Garden, iris has become very familiar and popular among the residents of Dobong-gu. Iris, as it means elegant minds and good news in the language of flowers, represents the bright future of Dobong-gu

Gu Tree / Ginkgo Tree

Gu Tree / Ginkgo Tree Gu Tree / Characters
  • The Banghak-dong Ginkgo Tree had been designated as the Seoul Metropolitan City Monument Number 33 because of its beautiful crown shape. Its history of enduring hardships of times and growing into a great tree represents the rich history of Dobong-gu.

Gu Bird / Crane

Gu Bird / Crane Gu Bird / Characters
  • Crane is closely related to the name of the place, Banghak-dong, and such inherent history and culture of Dobong-gu as classical scholars of Dobong Seowon. Crane, which has been accepted as a symbol of peace, fortune, and longevity, represents the happiness and fortune of Dobong-gu residents.