Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Basic information on Changping district, Beijing, China

  • Name of the city : Changping district, Beijing, China
  • Location : Outskirt of central Beijing where Taixing mountain range and Yanshan mountain range meet
  • Area : 1343.5㎢ (Mountain area:59.2%)
  • Population : 8,290,000
  • Administrative organization : district government, 15 towns and two small offices

Regional characteristics

  • Development of transportation within the district such as railways and expressways
  • Plentiful resources (Natural resources and tourism industry)
  • Center of high scientific technology and also famous for its hot springs in China

Major industries

  • Industrial : Produce 175 different products including thermos, glass, medical devices, car parts and others.
  • Agricultural : District that is in charge of providing grains, vegetable, fruits, and others to Beijing


  • Culture and leisure : Toms of Myeong 13, Juyong Pass (The Great Wall), Guryong Land, museums and others
  • Major facilities : Zhongguan science and technology complex, Bio science group and others


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