Daemun - Korean Restaurant

  • Photo of Daemun's building
  • Photo of Daemun's food

Daemun table d'hote consists of delicious Mung bean jelly cake mixed with beef and vegetables, sweet vegetable salads with fruit sause, five colors of pan-fried flour gough with duck and cold jellyfish salad with mustard dressing. Tasty side dishes such as bulgogi and outer leaf of cabbage mixed with soybean paste with rice in hot stone pot and soybean paste stew come right after the main course.

Taerimsanchaejeongsik - Korean Restaurant

  • Photo of Taerimsanchaejeongsik's entrance
  • Photo of Taerimsanchaejeongsik's food

This Restaurant is famous for its dishes of wild vegetables, Deodeok and roots of balloon flowers. Grilled sliced pork, comes with Table dhote of assorted wild vegetables and grilled Deodeok and is also very tasty. Water kimchi made from mineral water deliciously spicy as well.