Introduction to Dobong-Gu

Information on sisterhood relationship

  • Name of the city : Changping district, Beijing, China
  • Date : 1996. 4. 23
  • Location : Dobong district office's strategic situation room
  • Details on the sisterhood relationship
It is the history of the sisterhood relationship, and provides the year, details, etc.
Year Content
1994. 9. 29 Appealed interests in communicating with Changping district in Beijing (Dobong district⇔Seoul city government)
1994.10. 18 Annoucement on the confirmation of exchange projects between Seoul and Beijing (Seoul city government⇔Dobong district)
1994.11. 16 Representatives of Changping district visited Dobong district on an inofficial trip. (Vice district manager and two others during "Beijing Week" event organized by Seoul city government)
1995. 4. 10 Representatives of Dobong district visited Changping district(Working-level discussion on exchange programs between the two cities: genedral director and four others)
1996. 4. 23 Signing of sisterhood relationship with Changping district in Beijing (Dobong district office strategic situation room)