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How invite parents in Vietnam

  • Documents needed to be prepared in Korea
    • Notarized invitation and documents that states returning to the countr,y which has been certified with one's seal.
    • Original copy of authentication certificate of one's seal
    • Original copy of the marriage certificate of the person who is inviting parents and the orignal copy of certificate of the family connection
    • Original copy of emplyement proof of the person who sends out invitation or a proof of a business registration
      (Contact information of the company and an official should be listed.)
    • Copy of foreigner's certificate of a Vietnamese spouse. (Required to submit original copy of basic certificates when acquired citizenship)
    • A copy of passport or identification document of Korean spouse
    • A copy of resident F6 visa on the passport of Vietnamese spouse
    • If there is a purpose of the invitation (For postnatal care, a copy of hospital-issued medical diagnosis should be submitted.
      To attend a wedding, a wedding invitation or certificate of wedding venue reservation should be submitted.)
  • Documents that people being invited from Vietnam should prepare
    • Copy of family connection certificate in Vietnam (So Ho Khau) written in English or translated in Korean and notarized.
    • Copy of birth certificate in Vietnam written in English or translated in Korean and notarized.
    • Family photos, wedding photos and others
    • Passport
    • Visa document (Based on the formet by Korean embassy.)
    • One identification photo 3cm X 4cm
      ※ Additional documents can be requested during assessment. acess

Downloading necessary documents

  • When click on the button below, you can download necessary invitations and identification documents.
  • Documents are written in Korean in pdf files.